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Dec 2, 2012 11:30am PST
question if peter albert is still here and i appreciate that we have this process going on in understanding the transportation mediation and impacts going forward and since we experienced america's cup now twice i am wondering in the interim and the mode of continuous improvement given that i think we already have some congestion that we experience on the embarcadero what are some of the steps could be taken for the neighborhood and community now rather than waiting for all the studies to be completed? i think we had findings already out of the recent experiences with fleet week and everything else and what is your department doing to change it and whether it's the traffic lights or i will throw it out -- do we take away things and create more traffic lanes and i don't know and outrageous ideas like that. >> or bike tracks. >> thank you. what we found out the opportunity to pilot has been invaluable because working with america's cup some of the data is now extraordinary. bart alone carried 250,000 more people than it typically does and the giant's celebration day and the impo
Dec 2, 2012 10:00am PST
presentation. thank you>> thank you. good afternoon commissioners. peter albert from mta. i will talk about our approach to handling transportation and not for just this project but there is a lot of change set for the waterfront and not set within one boundary and connects neighborhoods across the boundaries. this idea is to do that and get out ahead of projects proposed and even projects we know are coming in the next months. we are talking about this one today and i am working with others and taking stock of all of the developments in the general waterfront area. the reason for this taking a step back we want to make sure that the traffic planners and the community and anyone with a vested interest in transportation take this opportunity to get out of the ahead of the environmental reviews and register community input and give us a head start in fix being the problems and identifying the issues and fixing long-term gaps and mitigation measures out of environmental review that we have the best projects working with anybody who is responsible for moving people in the bay area getting
Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm PST
for a hearing on transportation. we heard some of that today from peter albert but in january we will capture some of it from the next workshop. commissioner brandon asked for a presentation on the blue green way and probably best for january meeting and the december meeting has more items. >> i was responding to a call from david asking what his next step should be. >> i was the one that asked -- >> my apologize. >> i actually asked for it. >> in any event looking at december's calendar january is the better place for it and even more for december than today. >> one of the reasons to bring it forward sooner than later in light of the discussions earlier i want to make sure that the blue green way is incorporated in everything that is happening. >> and david has a terrific presentation to make and very timely, so having said all of that. is there anything else to add to the calendar or new business in general? >> no. i think you're covered the items. okay. >> comment on new business. >> no more comments on new business. public comment in general? we do have one. john haiber. >> good e
Dec 2, 2012 9:30am PST
comwill give overview of the proposed project. peter albert from mta will talk about the transportation assessment that is going out in the embarcadero right now and inform the environmental review process if for this and we will discussed fiscal terms and feasibility analysis and the framework that informs that and then we will conclude with a few words from the warriors who would like to talk a little bit about what this project really means for the city and for the port, and finally we willing asking to you extend some of the deadlines in the exclusive negotiating agreement to allow us to negotiate a comprehensive term sheet which we hope to bring to you by april of next year so with that as mentioned there was a advisory committee formed for the port and from that committee there are three tracks of workshops that have begun or soon to begin. we are doing transportation workshops to talk about challenges in the south beach, mission bay neighborhood, some of which are -- due to existing conditions and ones that are potentially created by the additional activity here. we are moving fo
Dec 12, 2012 3:00am PST
fame. >> the inductees of the rock and roll hall of fame, albert king donna summer. peters who are albert king. >> one hand clapping? >> rush. randy newman. >> bill: this is it. >> and heart >> peter: that is a weird list >> bill: the weirdest list of all >> peter: rush and heart. nobody else on there belongs. maybe donna summers. she is disco. i can see people making the argument because bert king is one of the greatest blues guitarists muchof all time. nothing was born out of disco. i don't think donna summers should be >> bill: what was born out of public enemy? ♪ now look i am not the world's expert on rock and roll. >> you know chuck b. this is chuck b >> bill: that ain't rock and roll. >> peter: you are right. public enemy is one of my favorite bands of all times. i love public enemy. i don't think they belong in the rock and roll hall of fame >> bill: i am never going back to that museum. yes go in the first place. back when we were in akron, ohio, and you and my boyfriend woody >> peter: we went and saw the rock and roll hall of fame. it's a great museum. it is awesome. >
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5